• Duke Ligon Appointed Senior Advisor to PJSC Energy Practice in Texas

    Based in Oklahoma City, Duke Ligon is a longtime leader in the energy sector with almost 50 years of experience and a history of developing energy policies and programs in connection with multiple organizations. The principal owner of Mekusukey Oil Company in Oklahoma, Duke Ligon was recently appointed to the role of senior advisor for Peter J. Solomon Company’s (PJSC) Houston-based Energy Advisory Group. 

    PJSC’s Energy Advisory Group, which was created in May 2016, represents the company’s expansion of services into the energy sector and aims to capitalize on increasing market activities. The group will focus on providing investment banking advisory services to private and public clients across the energy sector.

    The group’s inception coincided with the finalization of a partnership with the French financial services firm Natixis, which occurred a month later. According to PJSC’s founder and chairman Peter J. Solomon, the Energy Advisory Group would see significant benefits from the integration of Natixis’ position in the energy sector and PJSC’s advisory offerings.

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  • Oklahoma’s New Bison License Plate Helps Conservation Charity

      Oklahoma City energy company executive Duke Ligon founded Mekusukey Oil Company, LLC, nearly 50 years ago and continues to direct its operations. In addition, Duke Ligon dedicates his time to serve as a board member for a range of other oil and natural gas concerns, including Blueknight Energy Partners and Panhandle Oil and Gas. 

    Mr. Ligon’s philanthropic contributions include board memberships with groups such as the Oklahoma branch of The Nature Conservancy, an organization that devotes its efforts to preserving and sustaining a variety of natural habitats and wilderness areas. In 2016, the group announced its promotion of a new customized Oklahoma state automobile license plate with a majestic depiction of a bison. 

    Supporters were placing orders for the plates from November 2016 through the summer of 2017. Sales will support The Nature Conservancy’s work in Oklahoma, a state known for the large herds of bison that once roamed its plains. A portion of the price will continue to benefit The Nature Conservancy each time a license plate holder submits an annual renewal.

  • Campaign 1776 Working to Preserve National Revolutionary Battlegrounds

    Oil and gas industry executive and philanthropist Duke Ligon supports a variety of charitable causes in the Oklahoma City community and throughout the country. He is an active supporter of such groups as the Civil War Trust, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Nature Conservancy. Thanks to Duke Ligon and other members of its board of directors, the Civil War Trust has expanded its capacities to acquire historically significant battlegrounds and offer informative and educational programming. 

    Among its important subsidiary efforts, the Civil War Trust leads a project called Campaign 1776. This program works to preserve battlefields associated with the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. In tribute to those who gave their lives in the service of their country, the trust hopes to ensure continued access to these sites for succeeding generations and to continue to preserve these events for the sake of public education.

    The Civil War Trust’s involvement in the preservation of Revolutionary War-era battlefields came about only a few years ago, when National Park Service officials approached the organization’s leadership with information about the lands’ risk of being eradicated. In partnership with members and historians, the trust got to work to expand its mission and its funding. 

    Among the trust’s educational materials associated with Campaign 1776 is a series of video maps with historic narration, available to the public on its website.

  • Civil War Trust Saves Fort Ann Battlefield from Mine Construction

      Based in Oklahoma City, Mekusukey Oil Company founder and owner Duke Ligon is an experienced attorney and businessman who serves as a member of the boards of Blueknight Energy Partners and Heritage Trust Company. Outside of his advisory positions with public and closely held firms, Duke Ligon also serves on the boards of directors for several nonprofit organizations, including the Civil War Trust.

    According to a recent article published by the Times Union, the Civil War Trust has announced its intention to preserve the site of the Battle of Fort Ann, a parcel of 160 acres in eastern New York. The battle took place just over a year after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and delayed British General John Burgoyne and his troops long enough to tilt the outcome of the famed Battle of Saratoga in the Americans’ favor three months afterward.

    The Civil War Trust bought Fort Ann from a private owner, protecting it from the construction of a proposed granite and topsoil mine. It was purchased along with another battle site to the north near Sackets Harbor for a total of $1.01 million.

  • Heritage Trust's 2015 Merger with Argent


    Oklahoma City resident Duke Ligon founded Mekusukey Oil Company, where he serves as owner, manager, and attorney. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Duke Ligon maintains involvement with Heritage Trust Company as a board member.

    Founded by a group of trust officers and customers, Heritage Trust is a privately owned independent trust bank. It was established to provide an alternative to high-end bank trust departments. The company is focused on providing fiduciary services as well as personalized wealth management and counsel for clients in various industries, including oil and gas management, real estate management, and investment management. 

    Following its merger with Argent Financial Group in 2015, the company now is the largest privately held trust-based wealth management firm in the South. With 24 offices in 12 states, including locations in Oklahoma City and Ponca City, Oklahoma, it serves both US and international clients.

  • Medieval Jerusalem

    Duke Ligon, an attorney and energy industry entrepreneur, heads Mekusukey Oil Company, LLC, which maintains offices in the Oklahoma City region. An active board member with for-profit energy corporations, Duke Ligon also provides leadership to such nonprofit organizations as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on whose Major Gifts Committee he sits.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art, located on Fifth Avenue in New York City, is the United States’ largest art museum. Among its exhibitions is “Jerusalem 1000-1400: Every People Under Heaven,” which is running from September of 2016 through January of 2017.

    The exhibit showcases the artistic vibrancy of the medieval holy city during a time when people of a multitude of faiths and cultures called it home. The artwork on display comes from a diverse group of religious communities, some of whom have never before allowed their cultural treasures to be displayed outside of Jerusalem.

    The catalog of fascinating objects on view includes gilded reliquaries, illuminated manuscripts, astronomical instruments, and sumptuously illustrated religious texts from the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths.

  • Oklahoma Hall of Fame Welcomes School Field Trips

    A resident of Oklahoma City, Duke Ligon possesses considerable experience in energy law practice and all phases of domestic and foreign oil industry. The founder of the Mekusukey Oil Company, Duke Ligon also serves on the board of directors for the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, which recognizes individuals that provided services to the state throughout their lives. Its educational programming includes field trips for elementary and high school students.

    The free field trip program offers themed museum tours tailored towards the class’ age and school grade, and according to Oklahoma educational standards. Children receive free admission to the Gaylord-Pickens Museum hosting the Hall of Fame and a free lunch selected by educators. In addition, students may purchase souvenirs from the Museum Store, which offers multiple items ranging between $1 and $10.

    Field trips accommodate a minimum of 10 students, with a 1:10 adult-student ratio for grades 6th through 12th and a 1:5 adult-student ratio for fifth grade and below. Spots are awarded to classes on a first-come, first-serve basis throughout the 2016-2017 school year and summer months, and classes must make their requests at least one month prior to their preferred field trip date. Groups that cannot meet the required adult-student ratio must reschedule for another date when they can meet the minimums. Additional adults can also attend for an added fee.

    For more information on the Hall of Fame field trip program and application information, visit

  • St. Anthony Foundation Hosts Festivities to Raise Hospital Funds

    Duke Ligon of Oklahoma City is owner and manager of Mekusukey Oil Company and serves in leadership positions with several other companies. He is equally active in his community, contributing personal time to such organizations as the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and the Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for Energy, Law, and Business. Of the responsibilities he’s taken upon himself, none might be more meaningful than his work on the board of directors at the St. Anthony Foundation.

    The St. Anthony Foundation raises contributions to St. Anthony’s Hospital, the premiere medical facility of Oklahoma City, with most donations used to maintain the critical care services and intensive care unit. The foundation is best known for its signature fundraising event, the annual Saints Ball, sporting a festive new theme each year. The foundation’s 50th anniversary was celebrated with a gold-themed Golden Gala. The 2015 and 2016 balls were themed around the circus and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, respectively. Each event raised more than $480,000. Since 2012, the foundation has included a new pair of annual events to accompany the ball: The POP! Champagne & Spirit Tasting and the Saintoberfest Beer Tasting. The events offer recreation and entertainment alongside the dozens of drink samples.

  • Oklahoma City Exclusive Site for Large-Scale Matisse Exhibit

    Energy company executive Duke Ligon founded Mekusukey Oil Company, LLC, in 1970 and continues to manage its substantial array of mineral interests. A graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, he has served on boards dedicated to the school, as well as on numerous other boards in the energy and philanthropic sectors. Duke Ligon’s interest in the promotion of public cultural institutions drives his continued support of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art as a member of its board of directors.

    In 2016, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art became the only North American venue for a wide-ranging and highly acclaimed exhibition of the works of the French modernist master Henri Matisse and his contemporaries. Matisse in His Time: Masterworks of Modernism from the Centre Pompidou, Paris was co-curated by the Oklahoma and French museums in collaboration with MondoMostre in Rome.

    The exhibit showcased dozens of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other pieces by Matisse, the leading light of the Fauvist movement and one of the early 20th century’s most prolific artists. It also offered iconic works by Matisse’s rival Picasso, his friend Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and other renowned artists.

    The total number of works on view over the summer was more than 100, with the exhibit sprawling over the museum’s entire second story. Museumgoers had the chance to enjoy numerous related activities, including family workshops in Matisse’s signature media of collage and paper cutting.