• Economic Club of Oklahoma - Coordinating Presentations by Influencers

    Oklahoma City-based executive Duke Ligon has held leadership roles in the oil and gas industry for more than 35 years. A member of several boards of directors, including that of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, Duke Ligon is past president of the Economic Club of Oklahoma (ECoO).

    With a history going back six decades, ECoO brings together top thinkers and influencers to discuss issues relevant to society and to the current local and global economy. A valued aspect of the organization is the annual $2,000 scholarships it provides to students at eight universities who are pursuing studies in finance and economics.

    ECoO’s invited speakers have included the heads of major financial firms, as well as oil investment and exploration companies. One recent presenter leads the technology consulting firm Future Point of View, which incorporates Humalogy, a framework that emphasizes an optimal balance between human activities and technology. Another recent presenter serves as provost of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, which stands as a statewide leader in clinical, research, and health education activities.

  • Oklahoma Heritage Association - Preserving the History of the State

      Duke Ligon is a well-established presence in the Oklahoma City business community, who has held leadership positions spanning finance, oil and gas, and the law. Duke Ligon maintains an active community commitment and is a lifetime member of the Oklahoma Historical Society and a board member of the Oklahoma Heritage Association

    With the motto “collect, preserve, share,” the Oklahoma Heritage Association was established in 1927, along with the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. Since 1970, the organization’s permanent headquarters has been the former mansion of the Hefner family, which contains donated antiques, as well as noteworthy bell and cane collections. 

    One of the distinct assets of the Oklahoma Heritage Association is its extensive library and database of newspapers, maps, photos, and other historical documents. In addition, the Association maintains genealogical information and records of marriage and divorce spanning the history of the state and territory. Extensive biographical files help people today to learn more about their ancestors and foster an appreciation of their contributions to the development and growth of Oklahoma.

  • Duke Ligon - Board of SemGroup Energy Partners

      A respected presence in the Oklahoma City business community, Duke Ligon serves on the board of a number of energy industry companies, from Panhandle Oil and Gas, Inc., to Blueknight Energy Partners, LP. In 2008 Duke Ligon joined midstream energy asset owner and operator SemGroup Energy Partners, LP, as an independent director of the board. In 2009 he was elected chairman. 

    At the time of the appointment, SemGroup’s chief executive officer described being grateful for the outgoing chairman’s guidance through a challenging time. This enabled the firm to grasp new opportunities and maintain positive momentum. He welcomed Mr. Ligon by noting that he had the breadth of industry experience required to keep the business on a footing of “continued progress.”

    What is now known as SemGroup Corporation continued to have a vital role in crude oil operations until recently. In late 2016, the company announced a partnership with NGL Energy Partners, LP, for the construction of a pipeline extension that would add 44 miles to the Glass Mountain Pipeline system. As part of an aggressive capital raise program, the firm subsequently sold its 50 percent Glass Mountain Pipeline, LLC, share for $300 million.

  • Duke Ligon Welcomed into Peter J. Solomon Senior Advisory Position


  • Bronze Star - One of the Highest Medals Awarded for Bravery